Catholic Church Kilsyth

The Venerable Margaret Sinclair
Sister Mary Francis of the Five Wounds of Christ

PRAYER for private use

Lord, Our God,
you granted Margaret Sinclair,
a share in the sufferings of your Son
and in his zeal for the salvation
of men and women.

Through her glorification
may we come to share in your glory.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


PRAYER for private use

God our Father,
we honour your servant
Margaret Sinclair
as a model of holiness.
We ask you to grant
the requests we make
through her intercession
as a sign of the favour
she enjoys in your sight.
We make this prayer
through Christ, our Lord.


A Child's Prayer

Margaret Sinclair, God's cheerful servant on earth,
help me to imitate the virtues which made you a great friend of Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

Please grant a sign that you are a saint in heaven by obtaining for me favour which I now
earnestly request. (here tell Margaret your request)

Margaret Sinclair, hard-working girl - servant of God, pray for us.


'Tell your people to pray for a miracle'
The words of Pope John Paul II to the then Archbishop Keith O'Brien of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

'Margaret could well be described as one of God's little ones, who through her very simplicity, was touched by God with the strength of real holiness of life, whether as a child, a young woman, an apprentice, a factory worker, a member of a Trade Union or a professed Sister of religion' said Pope John Paul II. "l fully appreciate the aspirations of the Catholics of Scotland, and elsewhere, for that singular event [of canonisation]to be realised, and I know that you are praying that it may come about." Rosewell, lst June. 1982.

Papal Coat of Arms

'The devout and generous life of sister Mary Francis of the Five wounds, otherwise known as Margaret Sinclair, an extern sister in the Order of the Poor Clares, provides a striking contemporary example of evangelical heroism, not only for her sisters in religion but for all the faithful whatever their state in life.

Whether we consider her in family life, or in school, as an ordinary working girl or as a suister in the Poor Clare convent or finally as a patient in the sanatorium where she died, we are presented with a spectacle of outstanding holiness.

In the presence of the cardinals and others concerned, the Supreme Pontiff solemnly decreed that the Servant of God had in fact practiced to a heroic degree the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, and also the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance, with other related virtues.'
From the decree of the Sacred Congregation for the causes of Saints, 6th February 1978.

A Timeline of Margaret's Life

March 29th 1900: Born in Edinburgh, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Sinclair, one of a family of nine children.
April 11th 1900: Baptised Margaret Anne at St Patrick’s.
August 1906: Attends St Anne’s School, Edinburgh, under the care of the Sisters of Mercy.
May 8th 1910: Makes first Holy Communion; confirmed same day at St Patrick’s.
August 1914: Starts work as an apprentice french polisher. Joins trades union. Member of Sodality of Children of Mary. Worked in McVitie’s Biscuit Factory.
July 22nd 1923: Entered Convent of Poor Clares Colettines, Notting Hill, London.
February 11th 1924: Received the habit as an extern sister: Sister Mary of the Five Wounds.
February 14th 1925: Religious Profession.
April 9th 1925: Admitted to Warley Sanatorium, Essex, suffering from tuberculosis of the throat. Nursed by Sisters of Charity.
November 24th 1925: Margaret dies after long and painful illness. Buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.
December 22nd 1927: Margaret’s remains reinterred at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Edinburgh.
August 1931: Informative Process, Edinburgh, under presidency of Archbishop McDonald.
February 3rd 1942: Cause introduced to Sacred Congregation of Rites by Pope Pius XII. Margaret becomes ‘The Servant of God’.
August 15th 1952: Archbishop Gray presides over Apostolic Process, Edinburgh. Tribunal closes 13th October 1952.
June 29th 1965: Opening of National Margaret Sinclair Centre, Rosewell, Midlothian.
February 6th 1978: Pope Paul VI declares that Margaret practised the Christian virtues to a heroic degree. She is given the title: ‘The Venerable Margaret Sinclair’.
October 2003: Margaret’s remains reinterred at The Chapel of the Resurrection at St Patrick’s, Cowgate, Edinburgh. On 25th October shrine is blessed and dedicated by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Pablo Puent

The Chapel of the Resurrection at St Patrick’s, Cowgate, Edinburgh

One of our own

The life of Margaret Sinclair powerfully captures the imagination of people today. We can identify with someone who knew what it was to work for her living, who knew what it was to be made redundant, who met with prejudice in the workplace because she was a Catholic. Margaret was immersed in the realities of everyday living yet was able to transform the ordinariness of her life into the foundation of a deep spirituality. Her cheerfulness, her concern for others, her devotion to prayer are all well attested. She is one of our own who attained great holiness. We pray that she will one day be made a saint of the Church.

A Message from Archbishop Cushley

"As you know I am very keen to promote devotion to Venerable Margaret Sinclair. Her life gives an heroic witness to holiness in everyday life & a particular example to workers & young women. There are already monthly devotions to her at her burial place in St. Patrick’s, Cowgate, on 1st Tues of month at 7pm. I would now like to make this a monthly Mass. I will be offering Holy Mass at the tomb of Margaret on Tues 6th January at 7pm and there will be Mass each 1st Tuesday of the month thereafter."

If you would like to know more about the life of The Venerable Margaret Sinclair the Catholic Truth Society has published a short biography of her life written by Jennifer Brave, which can be purchased online by clicking on the link below.

Margaret was born in 1900 in a tenement in Edinburgh, the the third of six children of a hardworking dustman, Margaret grew up amid the First World War and hard times. She was a beautiful young woman who was also resolute in her faith. She knew hard work. She was a disciple of Christ, in season and out of season. After severe tuberculosis, she died at the age of 25, by which time she had become Sr Mary Francis of the Five Wounds - a Poor Clare nun.

Her short life invites us and challenges us to consider Christ afresh, full of love and tenderness, always fighting for our happiness.

A Catholic Truth Society Biography of Margaret Sinclair is available to buy online at by clicking here

In the 81 years since her death, thousands of people have turned to her in their need and have asked her prayers. Through her intercession it is believed that many miracles have occured.

Recently published is a new and excellent biography of Ven Margaret Sinclair written by Dr John Watts. Additionally Monsignor Robson, the former vice-postulator of the cause, has reprinted a booklet written in 1926 by the Dowanhill Sisters shortly after Margaret's death. Both of these publications are available to you by contacting

Fr Joe McAuley
St Lucy's Presbytery,
9 Pine Crescent,
G67 3BB

or email

The National Shrine of the Venerable Margaret Sinclair in St Patrick's Cowgate Edinburgh is open daily for individuals or groups who wish to come and pray. There are monthly devlotions to pray for her beatification on the first Tuesday of every month. Each year there is an annual pilgrimage in her honour led by His Eminence the Cardinal.

For more information on the Venerable Margaret Sinclair or the Annual Pilgrimage Day or for more information about joining The Friends of Margaret Sinclair write to:

The Redemptorists.
5 South Gray's Close,
40 High Street,

or phone 0131 566 1973.

To send prayer petitions and thanksgivings via email,
please note it is St Patrick's Cowgate Edinburgh not St Patrick's Kilsyth who will receive your petitions


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Notification of Favours and Cures

Details of all favours and cures received through the intercession of the Venerable Margaret Sinclair should be reported to the Vice Postulator for her cause:

Fr Joe McAuley
St Lucy's Presbytery,
9 Pine Crescent,
G67 3BB

or email


Of your charity please pray for those priests who have been Vice Postulators for the cause of the Beatification of Margaret Sinclair with the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Vatican in Rome over the years.

Monsignor Canon Doyle

Monsignor John McQuillan

Denis Canon O'Connell

Fr Steven McGrath

Monsignor Stephen Robson

Fr Joe McAuley



God BlessYou!