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The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul in St Patrick's Kilsyth

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How to join the Society of St Vincent de Paul?

First consider our Mission Statement

"As committed members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, we seek to identify and combat all forms of poverty, by promoting social justice and actively working with those in need, acknowledging that, by freely giving of ourselves, we become more aware of the power of love in all our relationships."

Consider the time commitment.

In St Patrick's Kilsyth, we seek our members to be able to commit 2 hours per week. The actual time is often less than this. We are trying to establish a regular 1 hour meeting and we set aside 1 hour per week for visits which we always carry our in pairs - so you are never alone.

Then, consider yourself.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organisation and so it requires those who are Catholic lay people. The role also requires discrete and confidential individuals who are not afraid to enter into situations that can sometimes be difficult, practically and emotionally. It requires someone who is strong enough mentally and physically to be able to cope with getting their sleeves rolled up and helping others, no matter what we encounter. Life experience is a virtue and also a virtue is the vigour and idealism of youth - we seek all those who wish to help others, who have themselves perhaps known what it is like to overcome difficulties in life and also those who are seeking to gain experience of helping others, perhaps for the first time.

Could you be a Vincentian?

Vocation is a strong word. But do you feel that you want to do more for others and that you want to do this in a spirit of faith? Belonging to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a vocation in itself; a vocation of personal contact with Christ in the poor. Members of the society do not judge - judgement is for God. Instead we serve and we serve others in a spirit of hope.

If you feel that you have a vocation to help those in our area who are in need then please contact us and volunteer. To do this, please firstly speak with our Parish Priest using the following contact details. He will refer you to members of The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and together we can serve those less fortunate than ourselves.

Mosaic of the Deciples of St Vincent de Paul