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The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul in St Patrick's Kilsyth

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How to help the Society of St Vincent de Paul?

Tell Us

If you know someone in need then please make sure that we know. You can contact us by speaking to the Parish Priest or by emailing us in confidence on

Pray for Us

Pray for the sucess of the vocation of the SVDP in the Parish of St Patrick's Kilsyth by praying The Litany of Loretto, One Hail Mary, One Our Father and The Prayer of St Vincent de Paul.



There is always the opportunity to charitably donate to the work of the SVDP by using the collection by the passkeepers for the SVDP as you leave the Church after Sunday Mass.

If however you wish to make a more substantial gesture then please speak to our Parish Priest. Or place an envelope marked SVDP through the Parish House (30 Low Craigends Kilsyth) letterbox.

If you are making a Will then the SVDP is always a deserving cause.

Join with Us

If you feel that you want to do more for others and that you want to do this in a spirit of faith then, join us.

If you wish to turn compassion and concern into practical help and assistance then, join us.

If you have some skills or talents or experience from your professional or personal life that you think could be put to good use in the SVDP then, please join us.