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St Patrick's School Staff & Pupils
(Photos of the old school building )
Photos of Staff & Pupils

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The photo of the staff of St Patrick’s School in the 1930’s is taken outside the front door of
Mansefield House which at the time was serving as the annex overflow for St Patrick’s School
(infant Department), which at the time was a building occupying the land that is now St Patrick’s
Church Car Park.
Front Row left to right are:
Miss Betty Hughes, Miss Liz McCart, Miss Mary Callaghan, Mr. Alan McCann (Head Master)
Miss Agnes Murray (from Lennoxtown), Miss Kitty McKean Miss Alice Melling.
Back Row left to right:
Mr Phil Cassidy (Falkirk) Mrs lavin, Miss Holland, Miss Sarah Mulligan, Patrick Docherty,
Miss Polly Kelly
Notably, Mr Alan McCann the head master of St Patrick’s, had a son called Fergus McCann
who went on to become the Chief Executive of Celtic Football Club and saved the club from
financial ruin in the 1990’s.
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From the same era Patrick Docherty and the cast of ‘The Enchanted Emerald’ from the 1930’s.
Photo taken outside the main St Patrick’s school building in Shuttle Street, now the church car park.
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St Patrick’s school girl’s choir from the late 1950’s/early 1960’s on the steps of Falkirk old Town
hall representing the School at a music festival.
The teachers are Mrs Jan Allan and Miss Nan Penman.
Many of these girls are now grannies in the parish.
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St. Patrick’s Schools Choir taken outside the newly opened St Patrick’s School in Backbrae Street
in the late 1960’s.
The teachers are Mrs Jan Allan, Mrs Nan Trower and Mrs Joan Patterson from Lennoxtown.
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From Yesteryear

The picture above shows Archbishop Keith Patrick O’Brien on a visit to St Patrick’s School c1986.
He is accompanied by Fr. Thomas Mullen who was assistant Priest at St Patrick’s at that time.
On the right hand side of the then Archbishop is Mrs Anna Devine from Kirkintilloch who was the
Head Teacher.. In the back row extreme right hand side is Mrs Madge McGeehan who was
Infant Mistress and to the left of her is Mrs Helen Smith who was assistant Head Teacher.

The staff of St Patrick's School - thought to be end of term 1976/77:

Front row: left to right: Sr Adelaide, Miss Alice Melling, Miss Helen Shaw,
Mrs Anna Devine (Head Teacher) Miss Mary McCann (Infant Mistress),
Mrs Helen Smith, Sr Mary Andrew.
Middle row: left to right: Mrs Isabel Conroy, Mrs Sadie Conway, Mrs Mary
Schindler, Mrs Helen Armstrong, Mrs Mary Scullion, Mrs May McLaughlin,
Mrs Alice Quinn.
Top Row: Miss Annie Clinton, unknown, Mrs Elisabeth McCann, Mrs Valerie
Donnelly, Mrs Betty McCann Mrs Margaret Frew, unknown, unknown.

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Staff of St Patrick's School Kilsyth c1962

The Staff of St Patrick's School Kilsyth Aug 1964:

Front Row: left to right: Mr George Motherwell, Mrs Rose Callaghan (wife of Gerry Callaghan),
Mr. Gerry Callaghan (Deputy Head Teacher), Mr Hugh Dobie (Head Teacher), Miss Mary McCann
(Infant Mistress) Mr Charles Shields (Brother of Fr Shields), Mr Bill McOustra.
Second Row: (standing) Mrs Sarah McBride, Mrs McCann (Fergus McCann’s mother), Miss Alice
Melling, Mrs Annie Campbell, Miss Sarah Fitsimmons, Mrs Helen Smith, Mrs Maria Ziebarth, Mrs
Mary Scullion (sister of Miss Melling).
Third Row: Mrs Joan Paterson (nee Hendry), Mrs Jan Allan (Music Teacher), Unknown, Mrs James
Coyle, Mr Bob Neesham.
Forth Row: Mrs Ellen Armstrong, Miss Nan Penman, Mr Charles Trower, Mr Tom Galt, Mr Joe
Campbell, Mrs Mary Meechan.

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St Patrick's Kilsyth - Staff Term 2011-2012

The Staff of St Patrick's School Kilsyth May 2012:

Back Row: left to right: T M Kiernan, Mr M Higney, A Mulholland.
Middle Row: left to right: A Murphy, A Kerr, M Johnson, A Smith, P Baird, M Alexander, L Arkley, A Angus.
Front Row: left to right: H MacKenzie, H A Parkinson, M Clark, P Clark, B Hawthorn, C Margan, C Wilson.

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The first Head Teacher of St. Pat's

Visit by Cardinal Gray to St Patrick's School in the 1960s

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