Catholic Church Kilsyth

The Construction Works on St Patrick's New Church 1965

This series of eight photographs was taken by Fr Michael Bell who was stationed at St Patrick's during the time when the old church was being demolished and the new church constructed.

In this photo to the right we see the Mortuary Chapel under construction. The cast concrete arches are not yet in place and the staircase upto the baptistry is only a temporary wooden structure.

The photo is taken from the area which will eventually become the sacristy.

It is interesting to note that the white efflouresence which has dogged the visual aspect of the brickwork on the interior of the building is already visible, even during construction.

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For the story of the design and construction of St Patrick's as one of the works of the modernist architecture firm of Gillespie, Kidd and Coia
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St Patrick's Kilsyth - the Mortuary Chapel under construction.

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Here we see the north east corner of the site looking back onto the rear of the Chapel House showing the House Garage and perimeter wall already completed. Note the houses in Low Craigends now demolished.
This is another aspect of the north east corner of the site showing the now demolished Kilsyth Primary School Building and the rear of the cottage at 32 Low Craigends which would become St Andrew's Convent between 1972 and 2006.

This picture looking north from the diagonal view accross which will become the nave of the church. The buildings in the background are the Congregational Church and the now demolished old St Patrick's Hall.
This photo shows the view into the Mortuary Chapel from what will become the top of the stairs at the baptistry.
This view shows the main exterior wall at the lane between the hall and the church. It is interesting to see the heap of materials including delicate cast iron downpipes which were to be built into the hollow interior of the diaphram walls which surround the building which subsequently cracked and leaked.
This photo shows the external view of the Priest's door at the bottom of the sacristy staircase, together with the construction ongoing of the confessional box which is situated in the Mortuary Chapel.
This view shows the front of the building and what will become the main entrance area - taken from inside the Chapel House and overlooking the perimeter garden wall. The view also shows the Congregational Church next door and the old St Patrick's lesser hall to which the box-like flat roofed modern extension of the Congrgational Church had been abutted.

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Above are the plan and sectional drawings are taken from and republished by kind permission of the GK&C Archive Collection of the Glasgow University School of Architecture based at the Glasgow School of Art.The hand drawn sketch is a conceptual drawing by Jack Coia for St Patrick's Kilsyth.

God BlessYou!