Catholic Church Kilsyth

Father Patrick McNulty

Patrick McNulty was born was born in Castlederg, County Derry, on 25th March 1914. He was educated All Hallows College in Dublin, and was ordained a priest there on 25th June, 1939, specifically for missionary work in Scotland in the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

His first posting in Scotland was as assistant Priest at St Francis Xavier' Falkirk where he was posted throughout the whole of the second world war from 1939 until 1946. He then served at St Columba's Edinburgh again as assistant Priest from 1946 until 1952 and at Our Lady Immaculate and St Margaret at Duns in the Scottish Borders. In 1957 Fr McNulty was given a period of leave as he is listed as c/o the Diocesan Office - it was not uncommon to give Irish Priests some time at home in Ireland if there was the impending death of a close family member or if they themselves were ill.

Fr McNulty returned to priestly duties at St Patrick's Kilsyth from 1958 until 1961 working as assistant Priest to Canon Thomas McGarvie who was Parish Priest of St Patrick's at that time.

In 1961 Fr. McNulty left for Lochore which held a warm welcome for him as this had been Canon McGarvie's Parish some years previously and a place for which he held many fond memories. Unfortunately Fr McNulty took ill whilst stationed at Lochore and returned to Ireland where he died on 1st June 1972.

Faithful servant of God. May he rest in peace!

Rev. Patrick Joseph McNulty – 1st June 1972.

Father Patrick Joseph McNulty was born in Castlederg, County Derry, on 25th March 1914. In due course he went to All Hallows College in Dublin, and was ordained a priest there on 25th June, 1939.

His first appointment was as curate at St Francis Falkirk. Here he remained for seven years before going to St Columba’s in Edinburgh, where he spent another seven years. After appointments in Duns and in Kilsyth, he went to Lochore in Fife as parish priest in 1961. He will be remembered there, as he was in all his appointments, as a hard working, wholehearted priest who never shirked work. In a special way he will be remembered in Lochore for the establishment of the church and it’s grounds; much of the later he carried out himself. His love for the liturgy was shown in a practical way to such an extent that his parish must have been one of the few that sang at Mass even on weekdays.

His illness, which began very unexpectedly about six months before his death, was borne courageously and during this long trying period he edified all by his cheerful acceptance of the will of God. It must have been far from easy for a man apparently in good health and with a natural expectation of many years yet to serve the Lord, to be told that his days were in fact numbered. Perhaps some of his most priestly work was done during this time, for all who came in contact with him could not but be impressed with his spirit.

He died at home amongst his own family and friends to whom he had always been devoted, and it must have been a consolation to them to have been able to attend to his needs in his last days. The love and respect for him was shown by the attendance at his funeral of so many priests from his own native diocese and the number of priests who travelled from Scotland. He died on the 1st June 1972.

By kind permission of The Scottish Catholic Directory for St Andrews and Edinburgh, 1973 edition, pages 312-313.

God BlessYou!