Catholic Church Kilsyth

Fr. Jeremy Bath

Fr. Bath has kindly written a few words about his time in Kilsyth.

I have happy memories of being a curate in Kilsyth from 1993-1996. Fr Hand and I were known as the 'Towel Priests' he the hand towel and I the bath towel. We worked well together and with Sister Angela, who I hear has just died.

I enjoyed going up into the Kilsyth hills and the surrounding countryside. Mary Currie,

I think, was the housekeeper together with her daughter. We were always well fed and watered. We used to have a good Altar boys football team and relished the chance of beating Holy Cross Croy, the local 'Derby', Edinburgh Diocecse v Glasgow Diocese.

I enjoyed doing sick calls on my bike, wearing my yellow anorak. One house I want to the lady opened the door and said, "It's alright son, I've had my gas meter read!"

Fr Hand kindly got me a motor car and while he was on holiday, I managed to write it off on the M73 motorway. When he returned I said, "Did you want the good news or the bad news?" - the good news being, he still had a curate.

I learned in Kilsyth that everyone likes steak pie, steak pie at funerals, weddings, 1st communions, anniversaries - even on Christmas Day!

It's a good parish and one that any priest would be proud to serve. God bless you all!

Fr. Jeremy Bath

Fr Bath on his first day in St Patrick's Kilsyth - straight to work in the Hall kitchen preparing for a function!

God BlessYou!