Catholic Church Kilsyth

The Most Reverend Leo William Cushley PHB STB SLL JCD
Archbishop and Metropolitan of St Andrews & Edinburgh

His Grace the Most Reverend Leo William Cushley Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh

Born June 1961, Wester Moffat, Lanarkshire. Educated: All Saints’ Primary School, Coatdyke;
St John the Baptist’s Primary School, Uddingston ; Holy Cross High School, Hamilton;
St Mary’s College, Blairs (1975 – 1979); Pontifical Scots College, Rome (1979–1987);
Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome (PhB 1981; STB 1984; JCD 1997);
Pontifical Liturgical Institute, Rome (SLL 1987).
Ordained a priest on 7th July 1985 by the Right Reverend Joseph Devine, Bishop of
Motherwell; Served at Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, Motherwell (1987–1988); St Serf’s,
Airdrie (1988–1992); St Aidan’s, Wishaw (1992– 1993); Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, Rome
(1994–1997); Second Secretary, Apostolic Nunciature, Burundi (1997– 2001); First Secretary,
Apostolic Nunciature, Portugal (2001-2004); First Secretary, Holy See’s Observer Mission to the
United Nations, New York (2004–2007); Counsellor, Apostolic Nunciature, South Africa (2007–
2008); Counsellor, Apostolic Nunciature, Botswana (2008–2009); Head of English Language
Section, Secretariat of State, Vatican City (2009–2013);
Prelate of the Anticamera, the Apostolic Palace (2012–2013).
Nominated 8th Archbishop and Metropolitan of St Andrews & Edinburgh by Pope Francis
24th July 2013 and consecrated by His Eminence James Michael Cardinal Harvey, Cardinal-
Deacon of San Pio V a Villa Carpegna and Archpriest of St Paul’s Outside the Walls, 21st
September 2013, the feast of St Matthew the Apostle.
Archbishop and Metropolitan of St Andrews & Edinburgh

The Coat of Arms of His Grace Archbishop Leo Cushley by kind permission of SajoR

Archbishop Cushley declares the new hall open
Archbishop Cushley in St Patrick's Kilsyth for the 2015 confirmations - speaking to the children during Mass
Archbishop Cushley declares the new hall open at
St Patrick's Kilsyth on Wednesday 6th November 2013.
Archbishop Cushley in St Patrick's Kilsyth for the 2015 confirmations - speaking to the children during Mass.
Archbishop Cushley in St Patrick's with the 2015 Confirmandi
Archbishop Cushley at St Patrick's with the Altar Servers before Mass
Archbishop Cushley in St Patrick's Kilsyth with the
2015 Confirmandi.
Archbishop Cushley at St Patrick's with the Altar Servers before Mass in the sacristy.

A letter from Archbishop Cushley to the People of St Patrick's on the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Parish


Archdiocesan Offices
100 Strathearn Road,

16th December 2014


If you take a wee walk up the Tak-Ma-Doon Road in Kilsyth you soon encounter evidence
of the town’s ancient Catholic heritage: St Mirin’s Well. The spring of water is associated
with the 6th century Irish monk who was Prior of Bangor Abbey in County Down before
setting off on his missionary voyage to Scotland which included apostolic tours of west

After the Reformation, it was once again from Ireland that the Catholic faith slowly
returned to Kilsyth. In the early 19th century migrants began to arrive to work in the
town’s coal mines and ironstone pits. They brought with them great hope and also great
faith. As one Edwardian history book noted regarding the Catholics of Kilsyth:
They had no priest nearer than Campsie, seven miles away, and, with a faithfulness
that was a marvel to Protestant onlookers, they travelled the distance, there and back,
every Sabbath morning and evening.

And so, a distinguished predecessor of mine, Bishop James Gillis, decided to found the
parish of St Patrick’s, Kilsyth with Father John Galvin arriving as parish priest on 5th
January 1865. Following the generous donation of land by the renowned traveller and
writer, Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, Father Galvin quickly set about building a
handsome sandstone church worthy of Catholic worship.

The providential result of such pious endeavours is that today, at the very heart of
Kilsyth, there is a vibrant Catholic community at the centre of which is the Eucharist. This
tells us all we need to know about why St Mirin imperilled himself to sail across the Irish
Sea or why our impoverished forebears walked miles on a Sunday to attend Holy Mass:
the love for Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life. This is why we should give
prayerful thanks for the numerous priests who have served St Patrick’s parish over many
years. Without the priest there is no Eucharist and, thus, no Church. Such a reality should
also impel us to pray for more priestly vocations from St Patrick’s parish in the years to

We also remember in our prayers the souls of the faithful departed of the parish, the
priests who worked there, the families who lived there, all the other members of the parish,
and their example and devotion over the past 150 years. We remember them fondly. May
God give them the reward of their goodness.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to congratulate Father Doherty and all the
parishioners of St Patrick’s, Kilsyth on the occasion of the 150th anniversary, and I
willingly impart my Blessing to all as a pledge of grace and peace.

† Leo Cushley
Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh


A Prayer for Archbishop Leo Cushley

In the person of the bishop, with his priests around him, Jesus Christ, the Lord, who became High Priest for ever, is present amongst us.

Through the ministry of the bishop, Christ himself continues to proclaim the Gospel and to confer the mysteries of faith on those who believe. Through the fatherly action of the bishop, Christ adds new members to his body.

Through the bishop’s wisdom and prudence, Christ guides us in our earthly pilgrimage towards eternal happiness.

We pray for our Archbishop Leo that he will:

Witness to the truth of the Gospel and foster a spirit of justice and holiness. Be faithful and constant in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Maintain the deposit of faith, entire and incorrupt, as handed down by the apostles and professed by the Church everywhere and at all time.

Build up the Church as the body of Christ.

Be a devoted father to sustain the people of God and to guide us on the way of salvation in cooperation with our priests and deacons.

Show kindness and compassion in the name of the Lord to the poor and to strangers and to all who are in need.

Be a Good Sheppard seeking out the sheep who stray, gathering them into the field of the Lord.

Pray for the people of God without ceasing.

Let us Pray:

Lord our God we pray that you will anoint your servant Leo with the fullness of priestly grace and bless him with spiritual power in all it’s richness.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


God BlessYou!