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What is the Heritage and Arts Commission?

The Heritage and Arts Commission of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh was formed 1998 in recognition of the important contribution that Scotland's Catholic community has made towards the cultural, historic and artistic wealth of the nation. Churches and Church buildings contain many significant and sometimes valuable items of historic and artistic interest. This includes items of both intrinsic value such as chalices and monstrances but also many works of art in the form of paintings, icons, stained glass, tapestries’, wall hangings and other art works.

Of interest too are items of historical worth such as vestments, books, metal workings, ceramics, mosaics and so on. The Scottish Catholic Heritage Commission also advises the Bishops' Conference of Scotland in the preservation of all aspects of Scottish Catholic Heritage at home in our Parishes but also abroad in the various places around the world where the Scottish Catholic diaspora have left their footprints.

The commission was founded by Cardinal O'Brien at the suggestion of Canon John Urquhart. He had written a paper which was submitted to the Cardinal in 1997 entitled "Promoting the Arts: The Role of the Church". In 1998 the first meetings of the Heritage and Arts Commission took place of which Canon Urquhart became Chairman and remained in this post for over ten years.

More recently in response to proposed changes to the Eccelsiastical exemption within the planning regulations, the Heritage and Arts Commission has been extended to every Parish in the Archdiocese. One of the projects that the Commission has undertaken is to record the contents of our churches in order that we have an archive of the items contained within each Parish community that may be of value or interest in either cultural, historic or artisic terms. Hence the Heritage and Arts Commission is able to act more professionally in defending and preserving the cultural heritage of the Archdiocese and indeed the nation.

Here too in St Patrick's Kilsyth there is a wealth of historic, artistic and also items of genuine intrinsic value, not only of interest to those in Kilsyth but of national Scottish importance as well.

We have a small team of volunteers who are currently recording, photographing and documenting the history and the nature of all of the items we have in St Patrick's, in order to present to the Cardinal with a written record of all of the items we have in our Church, our halls and in the Parish House. Ultimately this will be copied to the Scottish Catholic Archives and a copy kept in Kilsyth.

With the help of formal training from the members of the Archdiocesan Heritage and Arts Commission together with the resources contained within the Scottish Catholic Archives at Columba House in Drummond Place, Edinburgh our volunteers have been working on what will be a multi-year project to create what will be itself a valuable reference resource in future years.

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Members of the Archdiocesan Heritage and Arts Commission
Honorary Chair: Very Rev Mgr Stephen Robson, Vice Chair: Lady Kate Gill, Treasurer: Mr Andrew Nicoll, Mr Ian Campbell, Mr Alastair Cherry, Ms Oula Jones, Mr Owen Gormley, Ms June Halliday, Ms Geraldine Prince.

God BlessYou!