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The Bereavement Group - Choosing Music and Hymns for a Funeral

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Piano keysWe invite the family to choose the Hymns for the Funeral Mass or Service. We ask you to do this in the understanding of the Catholic Funeral Rite, offering the deceased person to God and to pray for the forgiveness of their sins.

To help us to celebrate the faith and Spirituality of the Mass or Funeral Service we ask that you choose only hymns and sacred music. Having favourite music or songs in the service does not help us to celebrate Christ's Resurrection and the eternal life of the one for whom we are praying.

The Priest or one of the Bereavement Group can help with choosing hymns if you want.

Structure of the Music During a Funeral

Usually the body of deceased person with be received into the Church on the evening before the Funeral Mass or Service. This short service usually has 2 hymns although on some occasions there may also be a 3rd hymn.

Entrance Hymn

Final Hymn

The structure of the music a funeral Mass calls for the family to select 4 or sometimes 5 hymns for use during Mass. Care should be taken to choose Hymns that are suitable for that aspect of the service - for example 'Take our Bread' is a hymn most suited to the Offertory. Likewise certain hymns are more suited as the Communion Hymn.

Entrance Hymn

Sung Psalm (optional)

Offertory Hymn

Communion Hymn

Reflection After Communion Hymn or Sacred Music (optional)

Final Commendation (can be sung - optional)

Recessional Hymn

For funeral Services without Mass the number and types of hymns chosen should be discussed with the Priest.

In most circumstances it is also possible to have sacred music played during the time before a service when the congregation is assembling in the church before either the Reception of the Body or before a Funeral Mass or Funeral Service. Please speak to the Priest or member of the Bereavement team about this.

Soloists, Musicians or Singers

Organ pipesIn keeping with the ethos of encouraging families to actively participate in the funeral Rite of their loved one, the Church encourages families who have musical talents to offer themselves as either as singers or as musicians in the musical ministry of the service.

If you want to ask musicians or singers from your family or from outside of the Parish that is fine. Please let the Priest or one of the Bereavement Group know as soon as possible as it is only fair that we let the usual Parish Musicians know as soon as possible that their services are not required.

If you want us to arrange a solo singer from the Parish then speak to the Priest or the Bereavement Group.

Some Suggested Hymns and Sacred Music

Please click on the link for a list of suggested hymns appropriate for various parts of the Funeral Rite.


God BlessYou!