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The Bereavement Group - Who Are We?

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What is the Bereavement Group?

The Parish Bereavement Group is a voluntary group from the Parish who are there to help others to make arrangements for the funeral of their loved one and to support others in their loss. They also assist the Priest in celebrating the Funeral Rites, leading prayers in the Church, the Funeral Parlour and the home of the deceased or their family. Additionally the Parish Bereavement Team also, where required and usually when a priest is not available, receive the remains of the Deceased into the Church.

On some occasions when families need additional support to arrange a Catholic Funeral the members of the Bereavement team are also there to help and advise. On very rare occasions when there are no mourners or family of the deceased are perhaps far away, the Bereavement Group together with the members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul can act as mourners for the deceased to ensure that the dignity of a Christian funeral is observed.

Who are we?

We are:

Bill Conway

Ruth Hughes

Helen McLaren

Catherine McGrath

Do You have a Vocation to help the Bereaved?

One of the great corporal acts of mercy is to bury the dead and to comfort those who mourn. It can sometimes be a difficult task and that is why it is so important that those who volunteer to become part of the Parish Bereavement team feel that they have a vocation to assist others.

If you feel that you have the experience, compassion and maturity to help others in their time of most need then please click here to find out more.

God BlessYou!